It's a name, a brand, a company that is operating on the worldwide market of blank-firing guns and replicas for the last fifty years.

Everithing starts with the entrepreneurial imagination of Bruna Bruni, born 1920, at the end of the fifties, after other business experiences in different industrial sectors starts the Bruni Company.

At the beginning, Bruni is a components supplier for a big historical company of sporting guns based in Milano. Soon Bruni becomes a supplier of new ideas, products, concept.

Then Bruni shifts to its own production of blank and signal firing guns.
At the same time Bruni develops an import-export business at european level for hunting and shooting articles, ammunitions and fireworks.

At the end of the seventies Bruni starts making big investments to manufacturer blank replicas of famous guns, revolver and automatic.
Investments are planned for machinery, tooling for production and innovation.

Bruni succeeds in selling its ownk products in more than 35 countries in various continents and it is well known as one of the major leaders in its market sector.

Like any leader, it's always looking ahead.



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